League fan delivers amazing Snowdown Nami skin concept

The skin line perfectly fits Nami.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans continue to impress the community by delivering high-quality, fan-made skins. These skin concepts usually show champions in areas that are unexplored by Riot Games.

Snowdown Nami, originally created by Yanie Yang and adjusted by Tyler Soo, is a great example of a fan-made skin that perfectly fits the champion, leaving fans to wonder how Riot hasn’t thought of this yet.

Soo took the concept created by another artist and adjusted it to better reflect Riot’s style. While the original concept was great, these small adjustments made by Soo elevate the skin even more. The artist even created a 3D model to show what Snowdown Nami could look like in-game.

Nami is envisioned in blue, frosty clothes to make her look like a queen of the sea. This skin is reminiscent of Winter Wonder Lulu, which was released in 2013.

Nami is overdue for another skin considering she hasn’t gotten one yet this year. Her most recent skin was Splendid Staff Nami, which was released last September. If this skin ever became a reality, it’d fit the Snowdown theme perfectly.

While there are no current announcements regarding the 2020 Snowdown event, Riot could definitely take some inspiration from this amazing fan-made concept.

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