League developer gives insight into the future of Aurelion Sol gameplay

It's time to forge some stars.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends developer Rob “KingCobra” Rosa revealed earlier today that he’s looking into experimenting with changes to Aurelion Sol in the near future. 

Rosa, who’s a part of the League balance team, is an Aurelion Sol main himself. 

“Moving forward, I’ll be exploring adjustments to some of A Sol’s numbers with the goal of redistributing some of the power budgeted towards roaming into damage,” Rosa said. “My hope is that this will make him feel more impactful and bring forward his identity as an AoE damage dealer in fights.”

No explicitly specific changes were announced by Rosa or anyone else on the League team, but the idea of giving more power to abilities such as Starsurge (Q) and Celestial Expansion (W) should intrigue fans of a champion that’s in desperate need of assistance in the damage department.

On Patch 11.4, Aurelion Sol posts a dismal pick rate of 0.8 percent across all solo queue games, according to League statistics site op.gg. That mark gives the Star Forger the 46th-worst pick rate among all mid lane champions in the game, even behind obscure mid lane picks like Garen, Sett, and Viego. 

On the professional stage, things are much worse for Aurelion Sol. The champion has only been picked 21 times in a major region since the start of 2019, according to gol.gg. In nearly half of those games, he was played by one player: Team WE mid laner Teacherma. 

Additionally, Rosa said there are “no guarantees” that these changes will hit the live servers. “I’m not going to be looking at mechanics changes,” Rosa said. “Just moving some numbers around.”

Regardless, Aurelion Sol mains should be excited that a seemingly forgotten champion might be starting to have his time in the spotlight again.

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