League dev on healing nerfs: ‘If we didn’t, sustain champs would be unkillable’

Some major changes are coming to League, and Riot explains why.

Image via Riot Games

A pretty significant update is coming to League of Legends with Patch 12.10, which releases next week, bringing some enormous champions and systems changes across the board. As was revealed by one of the game’s developers, Phlox, Riot Games is boosting some basic stats of every champion, like healing, and nerfing systems like champ’s healing and shielding.

Following the changes posted on Twitter, Phlox explained Riot’s approach to weakening the healing and shielding systems, and the reasoning behind it.

The developer underlines every point of healing and shielding a champion is receiving is increased alongside all the resists the champion is simultaneously getting. And, what’s more, with the Grevious Wounds getting targeted with the ban hammer, this is “doubly true,” Phlox says.

He insists that, therefore, those two systems in League‘s heroes had to be tweaked as well in order to balance sustain champions. “If we didn’t adjust healing and shielding, sustain champs would be absolutely unkillable and buffed waaay more than their counterparts,” Phlox explains. “We’re not trying to swap league into a Mega-Mundo-Meta,” he adds.

And with the changes all champions in the game are about to get, the mentioned “Mega-Mundo-Meta” could be a potential worry. Every champ will be having their base health increased by 70 points, as well as their health, armor, and magic resist per level enhanced by 14, 1.2, and 0.8, respectively. At the same time, besides the aforementioned Grevious Wounds, Riot is shifting some changes to Turret’s attack damage and Baron Nashor’s damage.

Patch 12.10 is set to release on Wednesday, May 25.