Riot previews massive ‘Durability Update’ for League’s Patch 12.10, brings system-wide adjustments to healing, shields, and more

The meta might be shifting very soon.

Image via Riot Games

Earlier this month, Riot Games unveiled a huge durability update that would increase base health and armor levels for every champion in League of Legends. Riot Phlox, a designer on the Summoner’s Rift team, has now confirmed the detailed list of changes headed to the game when Patch 12.10 drops, including reasoning behind some of the decisions.

Phlox said 12.10 will be “a pretty disruptive patch” that will be monitored by the developers as the player base adjusts to the power dynamic between champions. Additionally, not all balance changes will be hitting the live servers just yet so they can get a better idea of which champions need buffs or nerfs in following micropatches.

Across the board, all champions are getting an increase of 70 to their base health, 14 more health per level, 1.2 more armor per level, and 0.8 more magic resist per level. On the flip side, however, healing will be reduced by around 10 to 28 percent, while shielding is getting nerfed by 10 percent across the game’s roster.

These healing reductions are due to the sweeping buffs to base durability numbers, along with a nerf to Grievous Wounds—the system is getting lowered by 10 percent in both regular and enhanced circumstances for items and champions. Similarly, armor and magic penetration are getting reduced by five to 10 percent through items and champion kits.

Lastly, turrets and Baron Nashor will do more damage to champions, in order to counteract the various increases in durability, so teams aren’t able to tank objectives too easily. Ultimately, players shouldn’t get too set on the state of the game when 12.10 drops, since Riot will be ready to release micropatches to fix anything that is too weak or strong.

Patch 12.10 is set to release on Wednesday, May 25.


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