The League community is furious after Worlds 2019 tickets went on sale early and are now being resold

The tickets are now all being sold for outrageous prices.

Photo via Riot Games

If you were hoping to grab some tickets for this year’s League of Legends World Championships, you might be out of luck.

Many fans have found out that tickets to Worlds 2019 actually went on sale earlier than the originally-advertised time. A majority of the tickets were bought by scalpers and they’re now being sold at ridiculously-increased prices.

The problem lies with the timing of availability on the Accor Hotels Arena website, which is when the tickets were supposed to have gone up for sale at 9am CT. The tickets became available 15 to 25 minutes earlier than 9am CT, according to multiple people, which caused many fans to miss out on the chance at buying tickets.

“I’m at work and I have a limited amount of time that I can use for my personal interest,” one disgruntled fan said. “If the company responsible for the event says that the tickets will be available at 4pm, I open the site maybe five to 10 minutes earlier… How the hell am I supposed to know that the tickets are being sold 20 minutes before the actual stated time?”

People also discovered that Worlds 2019 tickets went on sale via Ticketmaster two hours earlier. A Riot employee jumped into the comments, though, saying that these tickets were meant for League partners who had to secure tickets through the portal this year. But some people have claimed that they were able to purchase tickets through Ticketmaster without being a partner.

Ticket sales have always been a big problem for the World Championship due to the rampancy of bot users who buy tickets simply to resell them at extravagant resell prices. Riot hasn’t formally responded to this situation yet, but it’s an issue that should be looked into for future events.