League of Legends artist creates great Battle Boss Vel’Koz skin concept

This skin concept could probably make you want to be a Vel'Koz main.

Image via Riot Games

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The latest additions to League of Legends‘ Arcade skin line have been revealed, with new cosmetics being given to fan-favorite champs like Yasuo, Caitlyn, and Kai’Sa. One fan, however, was pretty disappointed that Vel’Koz hasn’t gotten a skin since 2016, so they took matters into their own hands by creating a Battle Boss Vel’Koz skin concept.

In this concept, artist Amuyopo made Vel’Koz look a lot more cartoon-like than his regular skins, which would fit in thematically with the rest of the other skins in the universe. He’s sporting a purple cape with a red collar and he also has a golden crown over his head. The biggest change to the model would be the multiple tentacles, which are transformed into three gloves.

Image via Amuyopo

This skin could have been a great chance for another unique legendary since Riot Games would’ve had to create completely-new animations for the arms and abilities.

Image via Amuyopo

“I like it a lot—it’s similar in style to Veigar and Blitzcrank which helps it fit within the theme,” one Reddit user said. “It is disappointing that we got [Arcade] Cait and Yasuo instead of Vel’koz or some other champion that would fit the theme better.”

Many people also said that the newest skins to join the Arcade skin line are underwhelming, with the majority of fans agreeing that they would’ve preferred this skin over the ones they got. Although this skin might not see the light of day in League, we can imagine how great it’d look on Summoner’s Rift.