LCS fans can now purchase Season Passes for $950

Front-row seating, exclusive merch, and more await pass holders.

Photo via Riot Games

Die-hard LCS fans have a new way of indulging in live League of Legends gameplay during the upcoming Spring Split. For the first time, Riot Games is offering an LCS Season Pass and the benefits extend beyond an entrance ticket. 

The LCS Season Passes are being sold on Riot’s ticketing site for $950 each. The pass includes admission to all 18 regular season show days and six playoffs show days. But that’s just the beginning of the perks that season ticket holders will be privy to. 

Holders are able to pick an assigned seat located in the front row of the LCS studio. It will become their seat for the entirety of the split. A plethora of goodies including custom prestige LCS shirts, customized mousepads, and photo opportunities with LCS talent awaits them as well. And while the passes don’t include tickets to the finals, holders will be able to purchase LCS Spring finals tickets earlier than regular attendees. 

Only 16 passes are being sold for the Spring Split given each pass reserves a front-row seat. Considering the limited amount of passes and price, this deal is primarily meant for fans who are able to attend on a frequent basis.

It’ll still be cheaper to attend LCS day-by-day, though. Regular tickets range from $24 to $36. On the low end, that means spending roughly $576 for 18 game days and six playoffs days and $864 on the higher end. Of course, that doesn’t include any of the extra season pass perks and there’s no guarantee if tickets sell out for a particular day.

While an LCS Season Pass may not be for everyone, it’s an added bonus for fans who can’t get enough of the live action.

The 2020 LCS Spring Split kicks off on Saturday, Jan. 25.