LCS drops go live this week

It's time to loot.

Image via Riot Games

Beginning this weekend, fans of League of Legends esports have the chance to earn exclusive drops by tuning into LCS broadcasts, Riot Games announced today. The rewards can include champions, skins, and blue essence up for grabs.

Drops come in the form of cards, each representing a unique reward. Cards are dropped randomly during LCS streams and come in four different varieties. 

There are epic, legendary, mythic, and ultimate cards. The rewards you can earn vary depending on a card’s rarity. An epic card will typically contain a small amount of blue essence, while an ultimate could feature skins, champion shards, and even Clash tickets.

In-match events also trigger drops, with outplays, teamfights, and potential Baron steals all being taken into consideration.

You can unlock drops by logging into with your League account and opting in to receive rewards. When a game event triggers a drop, you’ll then get an on-screen notification. 

You’ll automatically receive the reward by clicking the notification or checking on your profile page.