Latest PBE changes target Garen and Viktor in League of Legends


Image via Riot Games

Riot Games made some additional tweaks to Garen and Viktor in yesterday’s Public Beta Environment (PBE) update to League of Legends.

Garen will once again be undergoing extensive changes in the 9.20 PBE cycle after Riot was reluctant to ship them out in the Worlds patch. Previous Viktor changes will also be reverted, according to yesterday’s balance changes on Surrenderat20.


Image via Riot Games

Garen’s Courage (W), which grants the Demacian knight with a shield and tenacity, was tweaked a bit in the PBE testing grounds. Instead of the 60-percent tenacity lasting only as long as the shield holds, it’ll now last for the full shield duration (0.75 seconds). The shield value was lowered from 12 percent of Garen’s health to 10 percent.

The knight’s spin-to-win ability, Judgment (E), is undergoing some new changes as well. The amount of damage it ticks for was changed from [7+1 per 15 percent attack speed] to [7+1 per 17 percent attack speed]. This continues Riot’s weird mission to make attack-speed Garen meta, an uncharacteristic build path for the tanky top laner.


Image via Riot Games

After previous changes made the Machine Herald a bit too overpowered, yesterday’s PBE alterations seek to bring him down a notch. The speed of Viktor’s Chaos Storm (R) was reverted from 250 to 200 minimum speed and from 350 to 300 maximum speed.

The robot’s Gravity Field (W) was altered a bit, too. The Augment passive, which allows Viktor’s non-periodic spells to apply a 20 percent slow to enemies for one second, was changed from [slow for half of W’s value for one second] to [slow for 20 percent for one second].

These changes are still in testing, and they don’t reflect what might ship to League’s live servers.