Kryst4l: Our performance in playoffs didn’t live up to expectations.

Kryst4l talks about his favorite champion, his love story with Kane and expectations for the summer split.

Why did you choose the name Kryst4l?

Kryst4l: Because I used to admire a CS player with the same name.

How long have you played League of Legends?

Kryst4l: A little more than 2 years.

Is Snake the first professional team you’ve been on?

Kryst4l: Yes.

At the time, why did you join Snake?

Kryst4l: I thought I played okay. So I decided to join a team and I found Snake.

Did you want to play ADC?

Kryst4l: At the time, when I first joined, I really wanted to play top lane. But because there was no ADC in our team, I played ADC.

Talk about your play style.

Kryst4l: When I play ranked, it’s a bit more hectic. I just zone in on getting kills. When I see someone, I just want to kill them. But when I play competitively, I’m a bit more steady. It’s like that, haha.

How many games of Draven have you played?

Kryst4l: I’ve played around 100 games.

As the main carry outside your four teammates, do you feel a lot of pressure?

Kryst4l: Not really.

Talk about your love story with Kane.

Kryst4l: Uh.. I’ve known Kane for a while. I met him at TGA. From that road to LPL. So I’m pretty familiar with him.

So your love story is actually false.

Kryst4l: Half true, half false.

Have you thought about the feelings of your female fans?

Kryst4l: I still have female fans?

Who is the strongest bot lane?

Kryst4l: The strongest bot lane is EDG’s Meiko and Deft and LGD’s Pyl and Imp.

Which game in the spring split has made the most profound impact on you?

Kryst4l: In the spring, it was that game against iG. I almost got three pentakills.

How do you feel about your results in the spring split?

Kryst4l: Our performance in playoffs didn’t live up to expectations.

What’s your goal for the summer split?

Kryst4l: We will try to get top 4 in the summer split.

Other people say you can only play the protect the ADC comp. What do you think?

Kryst4l: I don’t think so. Maybe it’s because after we won games using team compositions like that, we thought we could continue winning. So we just kept using that kind of strategy.

Who’s your favorite ADC champion?

Kryst4l: My favorite champion is Vayne.

Aside from playing ADC, what else do you like to play?

Kryst4l: Aside from playing ADC, I like to play Lee Sin jungle.