Korean League YouTuber discovers hilarious interaction between Yuumi and Soraka

Soraka can become one of the most mobile champions in the game.

Image via Riot Games

A Korean League of Legends YouTuber recently found a comical interaction between two of the most beloved (or hated) supports in the game.

Soraka’s passive gives her increased movement speed toward low-health targets. And by having a low-health Yuumi attached to her, Soraka can move around the map in record time.

The video immediately showcased how strong this interaction is since the Soraka player only needed 30 seconds to get from the top lane to the bottom side of the map at level one without boots. As the game went by, the player kept easily dodging skillshots and ganks thanks to the increased movement speed provided by this combo.

As the game progressed and the duo got stronger, they became a two-man army, quickly aiding their allies or kiting away enemies during a teamfight with no issues at all.

For this tactic to be successful, the Soraka player needs to focus on acquiring ADC items to have a lot of damage and not rely on teammates. Otherwise, you’re going to cripple your team. There’s no reason to be the fastest champion in the game if you can’t take down enemies without the help of additional allies.

Yuumi has received multiple nerfs regarding her interactions, but this one might be next on the chopping block. It doesn’t give the opposing team any opportunities for counterplay and could become a huge nuisance if it gets too popular.

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