Kog’Maw turns 10 years old today

Happy birthday to everyone's favorite caterpillar.

Image via Riot Games

Today is an important day for all caterpillar fans who play League of Legends. Their favorite void monster, Kog’Maw, is celebrating his 10th birthday today. The champion was initially released on June 24, 2010.

While Kog’Maw has gone through multiple iterations over the years, he’s most well-known for the juggermaw composition where squads built entire teams around the ADC to let him carry.

Image via Riot Games

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Nowadays, though, Kog’Maw is a shell of his former self. He finds himself in some niche situations and is overall unpopular among most bottom laners due to his weak, standalone kit. But recent buffs to the ability power version of Kog’Maw in League Patch 10.13 might bring the champ back to the mid lane.

Riot Games also teased a Kog’Maw skin from a new skin line called Arcanist yesterday. The recent AP buffs and the Arcanist skin might make Kog’Maw more popular in the weeks to come.

While some League players have never faced an oppressive AP Kog’Maw, others aren’t that fond of these memories and hope he doesn’t come back.