Kayn, Warwick, Ornn figures now available as part of Series 4 of League figures

These menacing champions join the lineup of cute collectibles.

Image via Riot Games

More figures based on champions from League of Legends are now available for purchase from the Riot Games Merch store, this time focusing on champions that make strides in the top side of the Rift.

Figures for Ornn, Kayn, and Warwick have joined the growing lineup of purchasable League figures as part of the Series Four collection. Fans interested in bringing home the smaller versions of these recognizable champions can purchase them directly from the Riot Games Merch store website on the Collectibles page.

Image via Riot Games

The junglers Kayn and Warwick cost $30 each and are fit for desk or shelf placement at five inches tall. Kayn’s figure depicts the Shadow Reaper alongside his scythe Rhaast in their base form, seeking out souls that will help them reach their true form. Meanwhile, Warwick appears to have ripped through a Teemo doll, though Riot notes that “no actual Teemos were harmed while crafting this figure.”

Ornn joins the collection as an XL figure at 5.2 inches tall and four inches wide, available for purchase for $35. He is depicted forging a weapon akin to an Infinity Edge, a central part of what makes him so recognizable to League players.

Ornn, Kayn, and Warwick highlight Series Four of figures based on the many champions in League and are now available for purchase. Players can also purchase figures for Mordekaiser, Jarvan IV, and Teemo, though many of these figures are out of stock and set to return in the future.

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