Kayle to receive quality of life tweaks on the PBE

The Righteous will see changes to her W and E.

Image via Riot Games

Following the release of Kayle’s rework last Wednesday, Riot Games staffer August Browning posted a list of upcoming quality of life changes for Kayle on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment on Twitter, revealing what players can expect from the Righteous in the near future.

According to the lead champion designer, Kayle holds a 50-percent win rate as one of the most played champions following her rework—nothing too unusual for a new and shiny design. Her itemization can vary greatly, but most people seem to be prioritizing Guinsoo’s Rageblade or Blade of the Ruined King as their first item.

The list of recommended items will now be updated to reflect the itemization. Kayle will also see a few quality of life changes to her W and E, mostly centering around casting times, to help players’ reactions play out more smoothly.  

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Kayle’s movement speed percentage on her Celestial Blessing (W) will retain the same base percentage but will see a .02 decrease in its ability power ratio. The ability will no longer need to be canceled after the one second window, making it so Kayle will automatically attack after the .25 second casting time. The W’s haste will now come into effect at the start of the cast instead of after the .25 window.

Likewise, Starfire Spellblade (E) will fix the 0.25 second cast time and will now scale with attack speed.

Additionally, Kayle’s default adaptive damage will switch from AP to AD. To compensate for the changes, Kayle will see decreases in her base AD and AP per level, with each stat dropping by half a point.