Karmine Corp reportedly signs Rekkles to multi-year deal

The LFL might have gotten the best ADC in European history.

Photo via Riot Games

One of the biggest League of Legends free agency moves of the year might be taking place in one of Europe’s national leagues. Karmine Corp has signed superstar AD carry Rekkles to a multi-year deal, according to French sports website L’Equipe.

L’Equipe reported that Rekkles and Karmine Corp started negotiations at the beginning of this past week. With the prospect of signing one of Europe’s most iconic players, the team was forced to move away from negotiations with ADC Jakob “Jackspektra” Kepple. The Norwegian rookie was set to join the team for the following split, according to an Upcomer report, but will now have to find a new team for next spring.

If this move is confirmed, Rekkles would play in the LFL next season and would be stepping away from the LEC for the first time in his career. He previously played for G2 Esports, where he hoped to etch a new chapter in his illustrious career by gaining even more success with one of the greatest teams in Western League history.

But the roster failed to win any titles in 2021 and didn’t even qualify for the World Championship. It was one of the lowest moments in his career by far. He left his legacy behind with Fnatic to join their perpetual rivals and he was eventually eliminated by that same team in the playoffs and denied a chance to fight for the Summoner’s Cup.

As speculation and rumors surrounding free agency continued to swirl, many people noticed that Rekkles’ name wasn’t one that popped up for the top teams of both the LEC and LCS. G2’s CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago even said that he tried to loan Rekkles out at a lower price, but LEC rules prevented him from doing so.

The free agency period is certainly heating up and it hasn’t even officially started yet. Look for more information about Rekkles’ new home when things pop off later today.

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