K/DA’s ‘POP/STARS’ will be featured in Just Dance 2022

Players will be able to recreate the group's iconic dance moves in-game.

Image via Riot Games

K/DA isn’t making a comeback just yet, but fans will still get their annual dose of music. Riot Games’ in-house pop group is set to be featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming release of this year’s edition of Ubisoft’s Just Dance video game series. 

K/DA’s 2018 debut single, “POP/STARS,” which features vocals from Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, and Jaira Burns, will be available as a playable track on Just Dance 2022. The game is slated to release for PlayStation, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

The official Just Dance YouTube channel revealed the in-game footage of “POP/STARS” earlier today. When players select “POP/STARS” off of the game’s tracklist, they’ll be able to recreate the choreography that Kai’Sa, Evelynn, Ahri, and Akali made famous in the iconic music video for the song back in 2018. Additionally, the art style and costume design from the original video are featured in the in-game setting of Just Dance

In last year’s edition of Just Dance, K/DA’s song “Drum Go Dum” was featured to help promote the group’s latest EP More. One of the group’s songs will be appearing in a Just Dance game for the second straight year. 

Just Dance 2022 is scheduled to release on Nov. 4.

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