K/DA to be featured in Just Dance 2021

Just gotta dance.

Image via Riot Games

Just Dance fans across the world are in for a treat. Riot Games and Ubisoft introduced an upcoming partnership today that involves League of Legends’ virtual K-pop group K/DA.

In Just Dance 2021, players will be able to dance to one of K/DA’s latest songs, “Drum Go Dum,” Ubisoft confirmed in a short trailer today. The company is keeping things secretive for now, though, since only a small snippet of the game was shown off.

This move makes a lot of sense considering the emphasis on dancing and choreography in K/DA’s music videos. League fans will soon be able to join in and learn the moves for themselves in the Just Dance series.

Fans who want to dance to more songs from the virtual K-pop band might be a little disappointed, however. Right now, it seems like “Drum Go Dum” is only one K/DA song that will be in the game.

That can change, though, if Riot and Ubisoft plan to collaborate further—and if the release of the latest song is popular. So League fans should hit the virtual dance floor if they want to potentially see more K/DA songs appear in Just Dance in the future.

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