Jhin pulls off takedown using Janna’s Ult in Ultimate Spellbook

Timing doesn't get better than this.

League of Legends’ latest limited-time mode, Ultimate Spellbook, has produced some truly impressive plays with its unique champion setups.

In the game mode, players get to select a new ultimate for their champion between three randomly selected options at the start of the game. Taking Jhin, one player chose to use Janna’s Ult Moonsoon, which turned out to be the perfect combination.

When dueling Fizz in the mid lane, Jhin had set up a handful of traps against the river wall. With flash before a perfectly timed ult, Jhin was able to launch Fizz into these traps and execute a combination of abilities and take down the enemy champ.

Once in position, it didn’t take many abilities for Jhin to completely erase Fizz’s health. This is definitely one of the better plays we’ve seen recently and it wouldn’t have been possible without the unique circumstances of Ultimate Spellbook.

The game mode will remain for the rest of July and finish up on Aug. 9, so if you plan on trying these unique combinations, you may want to act soon.