Jankos wins 2020 LEC Spring Split MVP award

The veteran jungler has scored back-to-back MVP titles.

Photo via Riot Games

Bow down to the First Blood King. After an impressive 2020 LEC Spring Split, G2 Esports’ Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski has won his second MVP award in a row.

The 24-year-old League of Legends jungler had another great season to add to his list, leading all LEC players with 96 kills. He also led all European junglers in assists, KDA, first-blood percentage, average gold difference at 10 minutes, and average damage to champions per minute.

Jankos stands as the one player on the team that stayed consistent with G2. Whenever his teammates would stumble during games, he would show up big with some perfectly timed ganks and roams to help them stay even. Because of his great performances, he ended up winning seven Player of the Game awards throughout the spring.

One player, however, that could have taken the award from under his nose was fellow teammate, Luka “Perkz” Perković, who had a great return to the mid lane after spending a season as the team’s starting AD carry.

The 21-year-old phenom had the third-most kills and the third-highest average damage to champion per minute in the LEC. Perkz showed that no matter what lane he was in, he could carry his team to victory.

Now, Jankos and Perkz will both try to take down Fnatic once more to take home their seventh European title since 2013. You can catch all the action on the LEC’s official Twitch channel or the LoL Esports YouTube channel.

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