Jankos gets hilariously baited when the enemy team supposedly forfeits

The perfect bait.

Photo via G2 Esports

Even some of the best players in League of Legends can get baited once in a while.

Earlier today, G2 jungler Jankos experienced a strange forfeit mechanic during a solo queue match. After he and his team crushed their opponents in about 20 minutes, the enemies thought it was time to give up. 

In League, it’s possible to surrender once 80 percent of players on the enemy team have agreed to forfeit. Usually, this means the game automatically ends, so Jankos and his team get the win without having to destroy the nexus themselves. 

But the forfeit didn’t count, for some reason. As such, Jankos and his team presumed the match was over and his Wukong, Pantheon, and Lulu quit. 

Perhaps this was the best tactic to force the comeback. “What, what?” Jankos said after he realized the game was still being played. 

“But they just fucking ff’d, they actually ff’d and my whole team left, like the enemy team is so good, no? They actually baited us,” he said. 

Once Jankos’ teammates realized the game wasn’t over, they quickly hopped back in the server to finish the game. Unsurprisingly, this resulted in a victory for Jankos and a bonus 27 LP for his efforts. 

“I can’t believe the Nexus didn’t explode after they ff’d,” he said after the match. It’s safe to say that if Jankos’ team didn’t rejoin, it might not have been a free win after all. 

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