IWillDominate’s bought account gets banned during 24-hour League stream

The former pro ended his stream shortly after.

Screengrab via IWillDominate

Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera’s bought account was banned yesterday during the 18th hour of his 24-hour League of Legends stream.

At the end of IWillDominate’s League game, the streamer attempted to exit to the post-game lobby when he received the bad news: “This account has been suspended.”

The streamer was discouraged, having just put over 17 hours into the account with 30 games played.

“We just give up here,” IWillDominate said before ending his stream shortly after.

The streamer was banned for buying an account that was level 30 and ranked-ready. This specifically goes against League Terms of Use, which says that a player “can’t sell, transfer or allow any other person to access your account or Login Credentials.”

IWillDominate later explained that buying an account is a common occurrence among content creators. “Most content creators, they make the account and then they pay someone to level it because none of these content creators want to spend the time going from one to 30,” the streamer said.

Despite losing his account, the streamer claimed it was an “experiment” to see how Riot would react.

The streamer criticized Riot for banning his bought account but not taking action against players who intentionally feed in his games to troll him.

“They see what goes on in these games, they see people target-inting and they just don’t do anything about it,” IWillDominate said.

IWillDominate also recently criticized Riot during a Twitter battle with Riot co-founder Marc Merrill, who deleted a tweet that read, “Grats on having a career revolving around the free game we made.”

To watch IWillDominate jungle, tune in to his Twitch channel where he streams regularly.