Ivern, the Green Father, now Available

With the new patch out, LoL's newest champion joins the fold, as well as the new Star Guardian Skins.

Ivern, the Green Father, officially joins the League of Legends game today. Be sure to grab him while he is available and to learn how to play him, check out the League of Legends Champion Spotlight below.

Not much is known about whether or not Ivern will be played in the competitive community at this time. Early indictations suggest he will be a jungle champion, so it will be important to see if he can compete with other top tier jungle champs at this time, such as Nidalee, Elise and Rek’Sai. 

For a full breakdown on Ivern’s moveset and abilities, check out our champion spotlight article here

Happy Jungling.

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Image and Video: League of Legends/Riot Games