It’s that time of year—snow has arrived on the PBE Summoner’s Rift

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Image via Riot Games

Break out the eggnog, pop in your best VHS of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and get your new rune pages ready, because the holiday season is almost here in League of Legends.

If you’ve a lover of all things snowy, you’ll be happy to learn that Riot’s annual wintery Summoner’s Rift, complete with an icy color palette, wrapped gifts, string lights strewn about, and poros arrived on the PBE yesterday. That means that this year’s Snowdown event will begin very soon, and we’ll be able to finally get that Christmas-themed Mundo skin we’ve all been craving.

Screengrab via Riot Games on [email protected]

This year, there are six skins arriving with Snowdown, including the release skin for Neeko, League’s next champion, called Winter Wonderland Neeko. The other five are going to Mundo, Soraka, Master Yi, Twitch, and, for the many K-Pop lovers out there, a new Prestige K/DA skin for Akali, which you’ll be able to buy with event tokens. Just like Prestige Kai’Sa and the Worlds tokens required to buy it, you’ll need Snow Tokens to buy this one.

Alongside the new skins, there are some new icons and ward skins, too, which fits the bill with previous Snowdown events. If you’re a scrooge who doesn’t like the snowy Summoner’s Rift because it’s “distracting” and “not serious enough” (written while obnoxiously air-quoting), you should still be able to turn off the event map, just like last year. You shouldn’t, but you can.

This patch should arrive next week, as long as it keeps up with Riot’s usual patch schedule. It is the pre-season, however, so anything could happen.