Item sets are coming back to League

The new item sets feature is looking much sleeker and more intuitive than its previous iteration.

Image via Riot Games

Riot is planning a long list of new features and improvements for the new game client, and it all starts with the return of the item sets feature, according to Riot’s latest announcement on the new client.

League of Legends’ updated client certainly much more sleek and modern than the legacy client. But Riot wants its fans to know that it’s not done with client upgrades just yet.

The return of item sets marks a new era for the game client. Now that the legacy client has been officially and completely phased out, it’s time to start shipping new features to the updated version. The new item sets feature looks much more intuitive than it did in the legacy client, sporting an all new GUI with a sleeker design and better controls. [email protected], a League PBE news site, took some screengrabs to show it off.

Item sets are only the beginning. Riot also plans to add the ability to purchase skins, change masteries more easily, and access your Friends list to start new conversations all from the champ select window.

If you’d like to see more of what Riot has in mind for the new client, check out the full list of features.