Invictus Gaming sweep Top Esports, keep playoff hopes alive in 2021 LPL Summer Split

IG is still in the playoff race.

Photo via Riot Games

Invictus Gaming took down favorites Top Esports in a clean 2-0 series in the eighth week of the 2021 LPL Summer Split.

IG stepped up today with the better draft, individual mechanics, and teamfight prowess, giving signs of hope for a possible playoff run after a disastrous start to the split.

The MVP votes for today’s showdown went to IG’s TheShy and Lucas. The top laner picked up his vote after a strong Tahm Kench performance in the first match of the series, where he was a menace for his opponents. The pick is becoming more popular in major regions after the LCS’ Golden Guardians picked it up a week ago. The champion is easy to play, scales really well, and provides a reliable frontline for his team. Lucas picked up his MVP vote after a stellar Thresh performance in the second match, saving his allies from imminent death with crucial lanterns and landing key hooks during teamfights.

In the first match of the series, TES clearly had no idea how to deal with the Tahm Kench, letting him get fed in the top lane before he started roaming around the map and dismantling his opponents. TheShy showed a stellar performance on the champion and led his team to a victory while picking up most of the team’s kills.

The second match was much closer with both teams trading blow for blow. TES was able to secure a couple of early drakes and get closer to the Dragon Soul, while IG focused on farming and controlling their waves. Even with a dragon deficit, IG was able to win teamfights and let the following dragons go to TES, who became a bit stronger once they secured the Mountain Dragon Soul. Even then, TES wasn’t able to defeat IG, who was on a clear mission to begin their miracle run.

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IG (5-7) remains in 13th place following this victory. In order to climb to a playoff spot, they will need to win most of the remaining matches. Even though it’s unlikely that they’ll climb to a safe spot for playoffs, they should be able to secure the 10th spot if they keep up today’s performance going into the next couple of matches. Their potential playoff run is not entirely in their hands, however, considering that the current 10th team JD Gaming (7-6) has a two-series lead over IG.

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