In the entire LEC playoffs, 50 out of 66 jungle picks built Turbo Chemtank

The item is currently defining the jungle meta.

The recent LEC playoff jungle meta highlighted the issues players are currently dealing with due to a broken item — Turbo Chemtank.

Out of the 66 jungle picks through the entire playoffs, 50 built Turbo Chemtank as their Mythic item of choice, according to data from The item allowed them to run down their opponents with its active effect, while also dealing a lot of damage due to its passive.

During the offseason, Riot did a hefty item rework to create a more diverse meta by giving champions various Mythic items to choose from as their first buy. Over time, people realized which ones excel, and while some roles have various items to choose from, junglers are currently stuck with Turbo Chemtank as their core item. Other items feel lackluster and the ability to run fast at an opponent makes this item really important, especially for junglers who might not be as mobile without it.

This mobility-creep problem is increased by the rune Phase Rush, which in combination with Turbo Chemtank, allows junglers to have quick and explosive engages, while also giving them an easy way out due to the rune’s increased movement speed.

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With most regions following suit, the upcoming MSI meta will most likely be similar to the regional playoffs, with junglers putting a lot of priority on champions such as Udyr, Hecarim, and Volibear going forward until Turbo Chemtank gets nerfed or other Mythic tank items get buffed.

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