Immortals break 4-week loss streak, upset C9 to pick up second win of 2022 LCS Summer Split

Could they make a miracle run in the second half of the split?

Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games via ESPAT

It might have taken them four weeks, but Immortals have finally snatched another notch in the victory column for their 2022 LCS Summer Split campaign.

This time, the squad took the fight to Cloud9, fought through a handful of rough gold disparities, and battled to the winner’s circle. It was a well earned win that has given this roster a good boost of confidence heading into the second half of the split.

Both teams were actually relatively even through the early stages of the League of Legends game, trading blows through a handful of teamfights and skirmishes in the mid and bottom lane. At 26 minutes the gold was dead even at 44 thousand apiece, but C9 had a significant, three dragon lead over their opponents.

This objective control continued into the late game, as C9 took down the Baron and ran with its pushing power by building a four thousand gold lead. However, their newfound confidence was misplaced, with Immortals quickly finding a comeback angle through a huge teamfight that gave over multiple bounties, breaking C9’s momentum.

Eventually, Immortals clawed back to take dragon soul and Baron, but still found themselves at a disadvantage in gold. On their second Baron attempt, Blaber was actually able to steal the objective away, but the ensuing skirmish left C9’s team composition in shambles as Corki and Kalista rained fire on them with their late game power on full display.

This victory has thrown even more uncertainty into the C9 faithful, since they haven’t shown true consistency throughout the summer so far. A simmering 4–5 record isn’t something to celebrate, especially with the star power and experience they have on their League lineup.

Immortals, on the other hand, should be looking to emulate this success as they try to climb their way back out of last place into the middle tier of the league.