Invictus Gaming avoid a massive upset against Phong Vũ Buffalo in a 50-kill slugfest at MSI

This match has the third-highest kill count in MSI history and the most at MSI 2019.

IG beats PVB
Photo via Riot Games

No one really expected this match between Invictus Gaming and Phong Vũ Buffalo at MSI to be that close and for good reason—IG are the defending world champions, while Phong Vũ are huge underdogs. But fans who decided to watch this David vs. Goliath matchup today were treated to one of the bloodiest games in MSI history.

After 33 minutes, Invictus Gaming and Phong Vũ combined for 50 kills in one of the messiest and most exciting games in the tournament so far. Invictus Gaming eventually came out of the carnage as the victor, though.

The fiesta started early between these two teams as they began trading kills across the map. By the 20-minute mark, there were already 27 kills between both teams because Invictus Gaming and Phong Vũ constantly opted into every single teamfight.

Many fans and analysts thought that this match was a pure clown fiesta since Invictus Gaming tried to match Phong Vũ with their aggressive playstyle. It seemed like the Chinese powerhouse weren’t prepared for how good the Vietnam representatives actually were, and for a few moments, Phong Vũ Buffalo looked like they could pull off the upset.

But one bad call from Phong Vũ decided their fate when Phạm “Zeros” Minh Lộc and Bùi “XuHao” Hoàng Sơn Vương decided to attempt a backdoor against a Baron-empowered Invictus Gaming squad. The Vietnamese top laner and jungler ended up getting caught, allowing Invictus Gaming to march down and take out Phong Vũ’s Nexus.

Invictus Gaming will continue their quest toward building a new dynasty at MSI 2019, while Phong Vũ Buffalo aim to defy all expectations and surprise some of the best teams in the world with their aggressive playstyle. You can watch the rest of the action at MSI 2019 on Riot Games’ Twitch channel.