Huni joins TSM to replace Broken Blade

TSM has its top laner.

Photo via Riot Games

Following weeks of speculation, former Evil Geniuses top laner Huni has replaced Broken Blade on TSM, the organization confirmed today. 

Known as one of the most iconic top laners in League of Legends history, Huni has now joined his fifth team in roughly three years following stints with LCS squads Evil Geniuses, Dignitas, Echo Fox, and Clutch Gaming. 

The acquisition of Huni was reportedly thrown into chaos, according to Jacob Wolf, because of the uncertainty surrounding TSM’s former bot laner Doublelift, who retired from professional play on Nov. 25 following the team’s winless performance at the World Championship earlier this year. 

Lost, TSM’s Academy bot laner, was reportedly set to join Evil Geniuses while Huni would join TSM. But this deal partly fell through with the retirement of Doublelift. TSM is likely set to promote Lost to its starting roster while EG continues the search for a new bot and top laner. 

Huni was considered one of the best top laners during his time in Korea. His 11-month stint with SK Telecom T1 was his most successful season to date. He won MSI 2017, the 2017 LCK Spring Split, and finished second at Worlds in the same year. 

But since 2018, Huni has played in the LCS to varying success. He won the 2019 LCS Regional Finals with Clutch Gaming, beating TSM 3-2 in the finals, but couldn’t make it out of the group stage at Worlds 2019. 

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