How to close the League of Legends Challenges Are Here notification

Challenges are no longer welcomed.

Image via Riot Games

The Challenges are here in League of Legends, but you probably know about them due to the persistent notification that keeps popping up after each match.

Considering the notification button doesn’t have an exit button anywhere near it, players naturally end up clicking on it and checking out the new titles and tokens. While it may not seem that problematic if you just play one game a day, it can be the bane of hardcore players’ existence as the transition time between menus can add up.

In addition to the challenge notification, other event-related pop-ups can also get stuck on the League client.

How to close the League of Legends Challenges Are Here notification

It’s not possible to get rid of the Challenges pop-up in League. The notification behaves differently compared to esports or seasonal event notifications. It’s more of a pop-up than a notification, meaning players can’t close it for good by turning off their notifications.

This is technically a League client bug that Riot will need to fix with a patch. If such notifications continue to appear after multiple patches, you should open a support ticket to let Riot know of your situation. Developers often need as much information as possible for errors like this and sending a ticket will allow you to contribute to the process of getting errors patched out of League.

In the meantime, players will need to adapt to living with the Challenges Are Here notification. The notification can also stop appearing for the remainder of your gaming session after a few matches.