Here are all the signs that suggest League’s next champion may be Lucian’s wife, Senna

Senna may have finally escaped Thresh’s lantern.

Image via Riot Games

Xayah and Rakan might have some competition for the title of League of Legends’ most powerful couple.

Clues, leaks, and Easter eggs have all been pointing to the possibility that Lucian’s wife, Senna, may be the MOBA’s next champion. One savvy League fan compiled all of the hints in a Reddit post today—and the evidence is overwhelming. 

With Qiyana being released four months ago, many players think a new champion is long overdue.

Here’s a timeline of events that point toward Senna’s potential release.

Leaked splash art on the Public Beta Environment

The PBE cycle for Patch 9.17 revealed a new set of Elderwood and Infernal skins for several League champions. An incorrect file was accidentally patched for Elderwood Nocturne in the loading screen.

Fans surmised that the leak was likely a new ADC coming to the bot lane. After recent developments, however, players are beginning to think that this was a draft for Senna’s splash art.

Mysterious fog appears on the Rift

Speculation of a new champion began on Oct. 8 when one fan noticed a mysterious fog wafting over the spawn point on the PBE. The smoke’s dark green and blue hues reminded fans of the Shadow Isles region, where Senna’s captor, Thresh, hails from.

Many fans also believed the fog was Riot’s way of planting an in-game Easter egg to tease the next champion.

Senna’s name appears in the client

A mistake on the PBE revealed a week seven mission asking players to win a game while playing “Senna.” 

The mission is supposed to go live in the first week of November, and League Patch 9.22 is scheduled to release on Nov. 6. This suggests that Senna might be available to play—to complete the mission—when week seven missions go live.

Thresh Easter egg

Thresh’s passive ability, Damnation, allows the Chain Warden to harvest the souls of enemies that die near him, granting him permanent Armor and Ability Power (AP).

A League fan discovered today that in every patch since he was released, Thresh started the game with one soul harvested. When Patch 9.20 went live, however, the specter no longer started the game with any souls.

Senna was presumably the one soul trapped in Thresh’s lantern at the start of every game. This may hint that Lucian’s wife escaped from the Chain Warden’s lantern and will seek revenge on the Rift.


Image via Riot Games

Eyebrows were raised with the suspicious timing of League’s short story, “Homebound,” which was revealed today.

After the mysterious fog and changes to Thresh’s passive, Riot releases lore that follows Lucian as he tracks the Harrowing in search of his mortal enemy.

The Purifier finds Thresh in the center of a storm on an island and fires shots at his lantern in hopes of freeing the souls trapped inside. After the bullets hit their mark, Lucian hears Senna’s agonizing screams before Thresh regains control of the prison.

The story ends with Lucian realizing his mission to track Thresh and release Senna simply added to his wife’s misery. The Shadow Isles will be the “final leg” of Lucian’s journey to put his love to rest.

Despite all of the evidence that may support Senna’s debut on Summoner’s Rift, Riot hasn’t confirmed this theory.