Here are 2 Teamfight Tactics strategies that can help you win your games⁠

Early game domination vs. late game power spikes.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ new autobattler, Teamfight Tactics, has taken over Twitch and YouTube, which is pushing everyone is trying to find the winning formula for their games. There are so many item and unit combinations in the game that it can make your head spin. There are, however, a few general strategies that can be applied to any class and origin combination.

There are two great strategies that many top players are using right now—the Hyperrolling strategy that can help you crush the competition in the early game and the Economic strategy, which allows you to dominate the late game with multiple four-gold cost units.

Each tactic, like any great plan, will have its own specific strengths and weaknesses. They also depend on how strong of a start you can have in terms of the units you get and the items you are able to acquire. You will also need to decide what combination of classes and origins you go as well. All in all, these two strategies are pretty consistent with their results and can give you a good baseline for how you can build your army.

Hyperrolling strategy

Hyperrolling is a really good way to win early and often, setting yourself up for a good win streak bonus on top of the interest you gain, too. To Hyperroll, you have to avoid spending your gold on rerolls or experience points until you pass the Krugs PVE camp. You also shouldn’t worry about winning these early rounds either. Once you pass the Krugs stage, spend all of your gold trying to find upgrades for one-gold units.

At this round of the game, you have a very high chance of rolling one-gold units, which means that you should be able to upgrade one or two of your units to three stars very early. Three star units can carry your composition to really good win streaks that will help build back your gold count and economy.

Check out how to Hyperroll

This strategy is great for taking over the early game—three star units are extremely strong and most people will only have one and two star units at this point. Unfortunately, it will be really hard to pull this tactic off if other people are going for the Hyperroll strat too, because there will be less and less one-gold units available.

Also, if this tactic fails, you will have a hard time coming back in the game because you’ve expended your economy looking for early one-gold units. Even still, Teamfight Tactics is all about taking risks and the reward is worth it.

Economic strategy

This strategy is the complete opposite of hyperrolling. True to its name, the Economic strat is all about saving your gold in the hopes of rolling for four-gold cost units later on in the game.

During your early game, you need to figure out quickly which type of composition you will be building from your first items and units. Focus on saving your gold for a majority of the early game. One round before you hit the Krugs PVE, level up once. You should be able to hit around 50 gold two or three rounds later.

With that extra gold you have, level up to six and use the carousel to find units and items to begin your comeback. You will also want to start rolling for four-gold cost units until you get to around 30 gold and have found the right pieces for your desired composition.

Image via Riot Games

You should now start to win some rounds and build up your economy again, while also rolling for two star upgrades for your four-gold cost units. By saving up and focusing on your economy, you will have a really good chance of being the first to hit four-gold cost units. Your late game will also be incredibly strong and because you have so much gold to work with, you can transition into almost any composition you want.

The only downside is that you will be taking a ton of damage early in order to save money. If you aren’t able to get your composition rolling late, you might be one of the first out due to the amount of damage you took in the early game.

Which strategy is better?

Both strategies are valid and strong in their own regard, but it will all come down to your luck in the beginning of the game. If you think you’re rolling some good one-gold cost units and you have some decent items, maybe going for a strong early game with the Hyperrolling strategy is good.

If you get some weak rolls early, maybe you should save your gold and prepare to comeback in the late game with the Economic strategy. Either way, they both are very steady in their success rates. Try them both out and see which one fits you and your tendencies.