Hauntzer is very good at League of Legends

"FOX Dardoch has left the game"

Photo via Riot Games

Do you like Pentakills and ragequits? If so, you should be watching the NA LCS Summer Split quarterfinals, because you’d feel right at home.

Not only did both of those things happen in the opening round of the knockout stage between TSM and Echo Fox, but one player had our attention the entire game—TSM top laner Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell. Through stellar outplays, set-ups for ganks, and overall fantastic timing on engages and rotations, he earned himself MVP of the match in our eyes.

Sure, it was bot lane carry Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen who landed the Pentakill at the end of the game, but we like to think it was Hauntzer’s incredible Flash-ult on Gnar that made Dardoch leave the game early.

Don’t get us wrong, this Pentakill set-up was only the cherry on top of Hauntzer’s game. He ended 4-0 on Gnar, after setting up great ganks for his jungler and practicing near-perfect map awareness when escaping to side lanes to push.

In fact, as TSM have struggled this split, Hauntzer has been the team’s rock. He’s consistently played at least pretty well, even during the team’s worst weeks. Now that TSM are surging forward to their former prowess, he just looks better.

This victory for TSM was only the opening round of the first quarterfinals series between these two teams, so if you’d like to catch more, tune into the official broadcast now.