G2 Esports sweep H2K-Gaming in the EU LCS semifinals

This also means that Misfits are heading to Worlds.

Photo via Riot Games

G2 Esports absolutely destroyed H2K 3-0 in the EU LCS Summer Split semifinals earlier today. The team will now head to the finals in Paris on Sept. 3 to face Misfits for the Summer Split title.

H2K’s loss means that they will go into the third-place match against Fnatic on Sept. 2. Regardless of the result, however, both teams will be heading to the regional gauntlet to decide who will get the third EU LCS seed at Worlds.

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G2 had nothing to lose going into this fight, as the team already claimed a spot in this year’s World Championships yesterday when Misfits destroyed Fnatic 3-1 in their semifinal bout. G2 are now guaranteed at least the second seed for the EU LCS, regardless of the results in the other matches.

G2 were now looking to return the favor. If they beat H2K, Misfits would also be guaranteed a spot at Worlds 2017 on Sept. 28 in China, regardless of how the finals go.

H2K made too many mistakes in the first game of the series to gift G2 the win. H2K didn’t use their team composition to its full advantage and fell apart after G2 stole Baron.

G2 were just the better team and dominated H2K through clean teamfights, picking off the unsuspecting members of H2K, and using the lead to their advantage.

In the second game, G2 took an early advantage in the top lane through a successful gank and used it to propel their small gold lead into the mid game, slowing down the match in the process.

G2 completely outplayed H2K across the map—when H2K got a kill, G2 got a tower. When H2K made a play in the bot lane, G2 went for a Baron power play. It wasn’t long until G2 got everything they needed to take the second win of the day.

The third and final game was a whitewash. There was no stopping G2, who played a superb early game without any major errors to get a strong, convincing lead over H2K.

It wasn’t long until H2K completely fell apart. H2K looked defeated from the start, like their drive was no longer there, and they suffered a third and final defeat after a series of impressive ganks and counter plays from the G2 side.

G2’s sweep of H2K means that Misfits are now guaranteed to go to Worlds as either the first or second seed from the EU LCS because they finished above Fnatic in the final standings.

Misfits and G2 will meet in the EU LCS Summer Split finals on Sept. 3 in Paris at 10am CT.