H2k Dominates: EU LCS Third-Place Recap

In dominating fashion, H2k-Gaming took down Unicorns of Love and secured third-place in the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split.

Today’s action in the European League Championship Series (LCS) playoffs for the League of Legends 2016 Summer Split just concluded. The third-place match in the EU LCS playoffs pitted the fourth-seed H2k-Gaming (7-6-5) against the sixth-seeded Unicorns of Love (6-5-7).

Here is what happened in the third-place match:

Game One

Game one of this series saw H2k in dominant form, bouncing back from their semifinal loss against Splyce and showing their strength. H2k controlled this game.

League of Legends is a team effort, but there is no doubt that H2k was led by one man in this game: Yoo “Ryu” Sang-ook. A 9/1/2 performance on Cassiopeia shut down the competition and made the impact of the enemy Vladimir negligible.

Game Two

This game started off in UoL’s favor, then swung into H2k’s favor, but ultimately the deciding moment was UoL acing H2k 25 minutes into the game. From then on, the game was UoL’s to lose. They never gave up their lead, as they bounced back from game one and thrashed H2k.

No one player particularly stood out for UoL in their win. This was a full team win, as each member picked up the slack and expert shotcalling and macro play allowed UoL to take the game and even the series up.

Game Three

H2k found their footing once again, pushing back against UoL’s newfound momentum. This was a pretty one-sided affair, with H2k coming out on top.

Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou led H2k in this slaughter, going 6/0/4 on Tristana and limiting his opponent to a 1/3/2 performance on Lucian. Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu was right there with FORG1VEN, going 3/0/9 on Shen and shutting his lane opponent down, forcing a 0/4/0 performance.

Game Four

This game was very similar to games one and three. H2k never really let anything slip out of their grasp.

Dominating across the board, this was probably the best game of the series for H2k. It’s pretty difficult to choose one or two players as the MVPs of this game, because it was a strong team win with every player pulling his own weight and just taking down UoL.

With the win, H2k secured third-place in the EU LCS Summer Split, and put themselves in a very good spot to qualify for Worlds without having to play in the gauntlet. If G2 Esports defeats Splyce in the Finals tomorrow, H2k will auto-qualify for Worlds, but a Splyce win would mean a fight in the gauntlet for H2k.

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