Golden Guardians’ Huhi finds his first LCS win as a support

Will Huhi remain Golden Guardians' starting support?

Screengrab via Riot Games

After making his LCS support debut yesterday, former CLG and 100 Thieves mid laner Choi “huhi” Jae-hyun earned his first LCS victory in his new in-game role today.

Playing Lux support, Huhi had a strong laning performance in Golden Guardians’ win today against Echo Fox, ending week five of the LCS with a 1-1 record.

“It feels pretty nice, especially [being] on a new role,” Huhi said regarding his LCS return in the post-game interview. “I had my [support] debut on the LCS stage yesterday and FBI did also, and we were pretty sad we lost our first debut, and we didn’t really [have] a great showing as well. So I think going into this game, we just wanted to pick comfort picks and show what we are capable of, and we’re pretty happy with how it turned out.” 

Both Huhi and Golden Guardians reserve AD carry Ian Victor “FBI” Huang controlled the bot lane as Kalista and Lux, constantly pushing Echo Fox’s duo into their tower. Huhi and FBI’s laning lead transitioned into two kills from a dive that centered around Huhi hitting his Light Binding root as Lux. 

As outer turrets began to fall, the match became quite scrappy, with Golden Guardians and Echo Fox constantly fighting. In these skirmishes, Golden Guardians’ teamfighting prowess over Echo Fox clearly showed with Huhi’s team winning almost every extended fight.  

Now an established support in the LCS after finding his first win in his new in-game role, Huhi didn’t expect to make his support debut so soon. 

“Honestly, I didn’t really plan it,” Huhi said on his quick return to the LCS. “Obviously I wanted to join an academy team because I knew I wasn’t ready to support in LCS and wanted to give myself some time to learn about lane matchups and all those things in lane, and maybe do it next split. But I guess [Golden Guardians] wanted to give us an opportunity.”

After ending the Spring Split in last place, Huhi parted ways with 100 Thieves, deciding to role swap to support, a position he thought his playstyle matched.

“I think just as a player, my playstyle was always kind of supporting the team in and out of the game and roaming a lot,” Huhi said. “So I just thought after I had a bad split on 100 Thieves, it was a good [refresher] for myself to swap roles, and I chose to role swap to support.”

Now with a 1-1 record in the LCS as a support, it’s unknown if Huhi will remain in Golden Guardians’ starting lineup for next week’s LCS games.