Gold per 10 Power Rankings – Week 4

Gold per 10 Power Rankings – Week 4 LCK Week 4 – by @patsimetz 1.

Gold per 10 Power Rankings – Week 4


LCK Week 4 – by @patsimetz


1.Rox Tigers (-)

  • Although Rox had a tough 2-1 match against Afreeca, it is unknown as to how seriously they were taking the series (especially games 1 and 2)

  • Peanut and GorillA have done a great job of invading and scouting the enemy jungle, which has made up for the lack of wards Rox buys.

  • A looming question as to whether Rox can continue their success is: can Peanut adapt to a meta of sightstone junglers?

2. KT Rolster (-)

  • Kt had a relatively clean 2-0 over bottom tier team Em Fire

  • There is not too much to judge from this week – the real test will be next week against SKT, in which KT will be coming in as slight favourites

3. SK Telecom T1 (-)

  • Like KT, SKT are coming off a fairly expected 2-0 over Sbenu

  • This series (especially game 1), was much cleaner than the messy series against Em Fire – starting Bengi in both games likely contributed to that.

  • Bengi has also finally played something other than Elise and Rek’sai – playing Graves in game 1, –  although he had a limited amount of game impact while doing so.

4. Samsung Galaxy (+2)

  • Samsung narrowly won 2-1 against Jin Air in a nail biting series

  • Samsung has solidified themselves as a middle to top team.

  • Although Samsung have snatched up a few well played late game matches, they are vulnerable to more fast paced pressure based teams such as the Rox Tigers and SK Telecom.

  • Stitch also had a shaky 3rd game on Lucian – frequently mispositioning in team fights

5. Jin Air Greenwings (-1)

  • Jin Air had a narrow, slow paced 2-1 loss against Samsung

  • Trace also had much less of an impact compared to his previous games

  • Similarly to Samsung, Jin Air’s reliance on the late game could be exploited by the top teams or even teams below them in the standings such as the Afreeca Freecs

6. Afreeca Freecs (+1)

  • Although Afreeca are coming off a 2-1 loss, they have continued to show the ability to play a high pressure, early game based style.

  • They have consistently achieved gold leads at 10 minutes, before it all seems to fall apart in the mid to late game

  • If Afreeca fix’s it’s mid game shotcalling, they could easily go on to challenge the mid tier teams of Samsung and Jin Air, who are currently very reliant on the late game. 

7. CJ Entus (+2)

  • CJ had an impressive 2-1 upset over Longzhu Gaming

  • There was a noticeable improvement to CJ’s coordination over mid and early game skirmishes and macro control.

  • Madlife has continued his high level throughout this season, however Bubbling is still the major weakness of the CJ roster, getting out jungled by Crash and Chaser in both winning and losing matches

8. Longzhu Gaming (-3)

  • Longzhu continue to be the most depressing team of this season, recently defeating Em Fire 2-0 but losing to CJ in a close 2-1 series.

  • While individuals on the roster show skill and potential (especially with crash flame – horizoning Bubbling in game 2), the team does not seem to have clicked when it comes to picking the correct team fights and skirmishes

  • However, Longzhu still have plenty of time to fix these issues and become a top team, although it would most likely happen in the Summer, rather than in this season.

9. Em Fire (-1)

  • Em fire has shown the potential to steal game wins against tough opponents, but have not been able to consistently replicated that success.

  • Em fire had a chance to follow CJ against Longzhu, but lost in a reasonably close 2-0.

10. Sbenu Sonicboom (-)

  • Sbenu might want to follow in their CEO’s footsteps judging by (what’s remaining of ) their fan’s reactions on inven.

LMS Week 4 – by @hapygas

1. AHQ eSports Club (-)

  • Still the best team in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao but not the dominating force they were a few weeks ago. Cracks are starting to show, and despite S-Tier performances from Chawy and Ziv, i foresee dropped points in the coming weeks for AHQ.

2. Flash Wolves (+2)

  • Finally finding their rhythm again, biggest jump in form since last week. Maple has been tearing it up on Zed while Breeze and NL have both been finding their own successes in the AD carry position. Whether or not they continue to improve rests on jungler Karsa’s shoulders.

3. Taipei Assassins (-)

  • Dropped a game to Midnight Sun before coming back strongly against eXtreme Gamers. TPA’s jungle issue has now become a mid lane issue, as FoFo is just not cutting it. REFRA1N and Bebe are stepping up and carrying TPA through their games, but if they’re not on point, no one else will.

4. Hong Kong Esports (-2)

  • After trying out multiple mid laners in the first couple of weeks, Hong Kong Esports seem to have settled on Rokenia in the mid lane. This change seems to be positive for HKE as they are finally starting to find some synergy. The gap between HKE and TPA is small, and certainly surmountable for the Hong Kong team.

5. Machi 17 (-)

  • A personal favourite, Machi just haven’t found the form they would have liked going into the season. Apex has been the clear carry for Machi, with a 30.7% damage share ( Dee has also been solid, with consistent, reliable play, albiet not outstanding.  Machi have a big game against FW in the coming week and will decide whether this team can be title contenders.

6. Midnight Sun Esports (+1)

  • Midnight Sun Esports started the season much worse than many expected. However in the past week they seem to have regained some of the form they had towards the end of the 2015 season. Wulala is stepping up in the jungle while Kaiwing’s Thresh is one to be feared.

7. eXtreme Gamers  (-1)

  • XG take a small drop from their previous week rankings thanks to their decisive loss to TPA. XG were never impressive, and now find themselves at the bottom of the standings right next to fellow challenger team COUGAR. This week against HKE will be XG’s final chance to prove that they are legitimate contenders for the playoffs.  

8. COUGAR E-Sport (-1)

  • Unlike eXtreme Gamers, Cougar have never looked good this season. New members to the team XUE, CandyBB and doesanyoneactuallyreadthis have been upgrades over AJ and Never, but still CGE remain a firm 8th place team.

OPL Week 4 – by by @patsimetz

  1. Dire Wolves

  2. Legacy

  3. Chiefs

  4. Sin Gaming

  5. Avant Garde

  6. Hellions Esports Club

  7. Infernum Gaming

  8. Trident Esports


NA LCS Week 4 – by @maseratolol

1. IMT (-)

2. C9 (+2)

3. NRG (-1)

4. TL (+2)

5. CLG (-)

6. TSM (-3)

7. TIP (-)

8. DIG (-)

9. REN (-)

10. EFX (-)

CBLOL – had carnaval break


LAS Week 1 – by @drpuppetlp

  1. Last Kings

  2. Furious Gaming

  3. Rebirth eSports

  4. Hafnet eSports

  5. Isurus Gaming

  6. Kaos Latin Gamers

  • Kaos Latin Gamers played with their sub Primoo in their first game, in general the team showed a solid early game, but struggled in the transitions to mid and late game.
  • Last Kings and Furious Gaming had both good performances the week, both got 4 points and played from all the teams more macro oriented and executed it cleaner than the others.


Sadly this week our LPL and EU LCS & LJL experts couldn’t update their power rankings !