Get a triple kill, win the game, get free Riot Points

Overwolf’s latest competition gives U.S. League players the chance to win 650 RP and a $2,500 Alienware computer bundle.

This story brought to you by Overwolf.

Summoners who are low on Riot Points will want to check out Overwolf’s latest competition, especially if they are also in need of a new gaming rig.

The overlay app client teamed up with Alienware in April to give League of Legends players a shot at 650 RP and an Alienware Aurora computer and gaming monitor, valued at $2,500 combined. This competition already ran on two weekends so far in April, but there is still one more weekend left to rake in the free RP.

From April 28 at midnight to April 30 at 6:59am ET, any League player in the United States can enter this competition by installing the Overwolf client, earning a triple kill while playing a match on Summoner’s Rift, winning that game and submitting their recorded clip onto Facebook.

Does this sound simple enough? Here’s how you can get one step closer to banking more RP towards your next big skin or champion purchase, or even making your gaming rig more OP than Jax on his release date:

First, visit the Overwolf competition website to download the client. Once you’re ready to enter Summoner’s Rift during the competition time frame, run Overwolf in the background with Game Summary enabled. Overwolf will automatically record your triple kill and win videos once you earn them, as well as post them to your personal Game Summary in the Overwolf client.

After you say your “gg;wp’s,” use Overwolf Game Summary to share your video of your recent accomplishment on your Facebook account, and you’ll get a code for 650 RP and a raffle entry into the Alienware rig giveaway. The winner of that giveaway will be announced on May 3 on the official Overwolf Twitter, so be sure to follow that account and turn notifications on for that date.

Feel free to invite a couple of friends to team up with for this task, since you all can share the rewards by rotating roles and winning a few games over the weekend.

For more information about this competition, visit Overwolf’s website for a brief FAQ.


James Mattone

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