Second chance at life: G2 secure spot in knockout stage of MSI 2022 after PSG Talon lose to RNG

Europe's champions will need to shape up before the next round of the event.

Photo via Riot Games

It’s been a tough 2022 Mid-Season Invitational for European League of Legends fans after G2 recently dropped five straight games at the tournament. Even though they’ve struggled to string any significant wins over the past few days, the LEC champions are still heading to the knockout stage following PSG Talon’s loss to Royal Never Give Up.

PSG needed to win against RNG to keep their MSI hopes alive since it would have forced G2 into a must-win situation against Evil Geniuses today. The PCS representatives, however, were run over by the Chinese champs, ensuring that the LEC would live to see another day in Busan.

It has been rough sailing for G2, especially after they started off the tournament so strong. After a perfect group stage, the team kicked off the rumble stage with two wins over the event’s favorites, T1 and RNG.

After day one, many considered G2 to be one of the best teams at MSI. They began to show some cracks in their armor, however, with the LEC champions dropping games against almost every team except EG. From May 22 onward, G2 have held the worst KDA and the worst average gold difference at 15 minutes of any team competing in the rumble, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

Their drafting hasn’t looked nearly as cohesive, opting away from their heavy focus on dominant 5-vs-5 teamfighting compositions to weird combinations of poke and engage. As a result, their usual mid-to-late game superiority has faltered, and the losses are a big indicator of their inconsistencies.

After the rumble, G2 must return to the drawing board to re-strategize for the upcoming knockout stage of the tournament.