G2 outlast MAD to enter tie for second place in 2022 LEC Spring Split

The samurais stand tall in the middle of the standings.

Image via Riot Games

In a battle between two former kings, G2 Esports got their revenge for their previous loss to MAD Lions by taking them down with a decisive, 26-minute victory today. With this win, G2 are now tied for second place alongside Fnatic with a 7-3 record in the 2022 LEC Spring Split.

In the early moments of this League of Legends showdown, MAD Lions actually found a quick lead through a few quick picks in the bottom and top lanes, while also leading in turret kills by 18 minutes. It was looking great for one of Europe’s strongest squads, especially since they have the third-best average team gold difference at 15 minutes this split, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

One crucial mistake, however, cost MAD their momentum in the match. That was all G2 needed to bounce back.

At the 22-minute mark, MAD went for an early Baron with all five members of G2 ready to collapse onto the pit. With a well-placed Flash-ult, Targamas’ Sett was able to peel away MAD long enough for the rest of his teammates to deal a ton of damage to win the teamfight and take the Baron for themselves.

This Baron power play netted G2 a massive 5,734 gold swing, which left MAD’s base in shambles as they snowballed the game to the victory screen. The star of the show in the game was G2’s new support Targamas, who landed multiple impactful Sett combos to help lay the groundwork for his team’s destructive Orianna-Yone combination.

It’s clear that even though MAD have plenty of potential within their ranks, they still have a lot of work to do in terms of their synergy and decision-making. In some instances, the team would force a fight where they were behind instead of simply defending the push and holding on. G2, on the other hand, look like strong contenders while Europe’s top teams try to jockey for playoff positions.

You can watch the second day of games when the LEC returns tomorrow at 10am CT.