G2 lock in first place in LEC after beating S04

Akali seems overpowered in the hands of Perkz, even after multiple nerfs.

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

G2 Esports got their revenge against S04 Esports today after S04 handed them a loss earlier in the 2020 LEC Spring Split.

Perkz led the charge for G2 on Akali, making her seem overpowered even after the numerous nerfs that the champ has received over the past couple of patches. He received the Player of the Game Award and is tied with his jungler, Jankos, at six.

An honorable mention for G2’s win goes to Wunder in the top lane, who used Kalista to secure a huge advantage in the top side for his team and deny a lot of farm and experience from S04’s Jayce.

The pick was popularized in Korean solo queue and made its debut in China’s LPL a couple of weeks ago. Invictus Gaming’s TheShy dominated his opponents and other regions followed suit shortly after. If you want to know how to dominate your opponents like Wunder as Kalista in the top lane, check out our in-depth guide.

The game began with a lot of focus on the top lane by Jankos to help out his Kalista top lane. While Kalista is a bully during the laning phase, she requires jungle assistance to allow her to zone out the other top laner without getting punished by the enemy jungler.

Wunder and Jankos dove the Jayce and managed to escape unharmed after Wunder threw Jankos out of tower range with his ultimate. This bullying continued over the course of the laning phase, with Jayce having no gold to spend other than on Cull during his first back, which set him far behind.

Even though G2 secured early leads in all lanes, S04 didn’t give up and fought to the end. They read G2 like a book when they attempted to secure the bottom lane tower. This put them on equal footing in terms of gold, which allowed them to have more opportunities to teamfight with equal items in the later stages of the game.

The game looked quite even, for the most part, considering S04 managed to win teamfights while being behind in gold. But they overextended with two inhibitors down at one point and G2 capitalized on that. They flanked S04 from all directions and wiped the floor with them. With no carries remaining alive to defend the base, G2 picked up the win.

G2 are now in sole possession of first place in LEC Spring Split and have secured it for the third time in a row. Even if they lose tomorrow, it won’t affect their place in the standings.

Tune in tomorrow to see if G2 will default to their “for fun” attitude and make unorthodox picks in their last game of the Spring Split against Misfits Gaming on the official LEC channel at 3pm CT.