G2 Esports outlast Rogue to win bloodiest game of 2021 LEC Summer Split so far

There were 52 kills in 39 minutes.

Photo via Riot Games

After 39 minutes of non-stop action, G2 Esports have stood tall among the chaos as the winners of today’s gladiator LEC match against Rogue. These two European behemoths didn’t disappoint fans and continuously fought across the entire Summoner’s Rift with the game balancing ever-so-precariously on a knife’s edge.

Both of these teams, like last season, were hyped up to be two of the best League of Legends teams in Europe. There was also a revenge story in the works for G2, since Rogue were the team to eliminate them from the playoffs during the 2021 Spring Split.

In this game, the kills came early and often from minute-one, with both Rogue and G2’s bottom lanes being the focal point for the action. Each team had drafted a hook champion, with Mikyx piloting Thresh and Trymbi picking Blitzcrank. Additionally, Hans Sama was set to fight with his Kalista pick, which prompted multiple fights as soon as someone landed a hook on either side.

This game was brutal on all fronts, and it showed in the kill counts. By the time the dust settled, there were 52 kills on the board, setting the record for the bloodiest game for the season so far. But it all came down to who could execute the teamfights in the late game. Rogue tried to find combos with their Fiddlesticks-Kennen combination, and although they were successful in multiple moments, they couldn’t find them when it mattered most.

On the other side of the Rift, G2 outlasted their opponents by avoiding their initial burst in engagements. Afterward, they had enough damage to crush the teamfight with Rekkles’ long-range Varus poke, Jankos’ consistent Rumble damage, and Viego’s unmatched ability to chase down enemies. It also helped that they had infernal soul, which only boosted the incredible amounts of damage this team had at their disposal.

“Usually when we play Rogue, they’re kinda slow games and [set to] farm for late,” G2’s star support Mikyx said in the post-game interview. “With a Kalista draft, they had to snowball the early game, and they got us level two. But then we got them back because junglers are balanced, so there’s was a lot of back and forth going on.”

Looking ahead, this game should be a huge boost of confidence for this star-studded G2 roster. Both Rekkles and Jankos had great games as well, which should only bode well for this team’s chances to come back and recapture the LEC trophy in the playoffs. Rogue, meanwhile, will need to jump back to the drawing board, to see if they can fix some of the kinks in their armor before next week.

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