G2 Esports and Schalke 04 are the only teams in the LEC that haven’t taken a Baron this season so far

It's usually one of the most important objectives in League of Legends.

Image via Riot Games

It might come as a surprise to many LEC fans, but after two weeks in the 2020 Summer Split, G2 Esports and Schalke 04 are the two teams in the league that haven’t taken a Baron buff this season.

In fact, only one other team has won a game this split without having to Baron—MAD Lions. Every other team that has won has needed to take Baron in order to win. Meanwhile, G2 Esports has already won three games without the buff.

It’s interesting to see these two teams on the same side of stats, since they are at the opposite ends of the season standings. Even though G2 Esports did lose two of their first three games, the perennial LEC champions locked in and won both of their games in week two against Schalke and Rogue.

The team certainly hasn’t looked completely themselves—G2’s patented speed and aggression hasn’t fully developed on-stage yet, but with enough time, they will start to blossom into the star-studded roster we know they are. We saw this in their game against Rogue, where they made quick, decisive attacks that overwhelmed their opponents.

Schalke, on the other hand, have been struggling all split to find some cohesion between their teammates. The team has swapped out its bottom lane once already, and the results haven’t looked great with either roster iteration.

Although it’s still a bit early, fans of the team should hope that the coaching staff decides on a roster to stick with for the rest of the season, so that synergy can be built with a singular lineup. Last split, Schalke stumbled through the spring and finished the season in eighth place.

You can catch both G2 Esports and Schalke 04 in action when the LEC returns on Friday, June 26 at 11am CT.