FunPlus Phoenix take down EDward Gaming in last match of the 2021 LPL Summer Split, secure first place in regular season

Doinb picked up both MVP votes for his performance today.

Photo via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix took down EDward Gaming in an intense 2-1 in the last match of the 2021 LPL Summer Split.

Both teams showed a strong performance in an action-packed showdown between the two behemoths in today’s League of Legends series. Doinb picked up both MVP votes after one of his best showings in the split. He picked up the first vote after playing Irelia in the first match of the series, dominating his laning opponent before scaling to the midgame with an item advantage. His tanky build let Doinb unleash havoc in teamfights and made him unkillable.

The world champion mid laner picked up his second vote in the third match of the series after playing Sylas against Twisted Fate. He had a strong impact on the mdigame, finishing the matchup with a KDA of 8/0/12 after being present on the entire map with his teleport and the stolen Twisted Fate ultimate.

Both teams played passively for the first couple of minutes of the series, but mayhem came shortly after, when the squads grouped for early game skirmishes. Doinb was present in most of the action early on, picking up a kill or assist on every fight and snowballing out of control. His tanky build turned him into a behemoth in teamfights and made him unkillable for the EDG squad, who had too many threats on their plate to allocate resources to take down Doinb. FPX picked up the first game win in 25 minutes.

EDG bounced back in the second match by banning away key picks that helped FPX secure the first game win, most notably Irelia. They also picked up a better draft that provided them with several early game kills. EDG equalized the series in 27 minutes and were in control for most of the matchup.

The last match of the series was the Doinb show. EDG picked up an early game lead and appeared to be in control of the match until Doinb reached level six on Sylas and got access to Twisted Fate’s ultimate. He was present across the entire map and helped out his team in small skirmishes, one after the other. He picked up kills left and right before leading his team to a dominant 2-1 series victory over EDG.

Following today’s series, the regular season of the 2021 LPL Summer Split has concluded. The top 10 teams will be racing in playoffs which will be held from Aug. 12 until at least Aug. 29. The league hasn’t yet announced a date for the finals. FPX and EDG will both begin in the fourth round of playoffs after their strong regular season showing and only have to win a couple of series to pick up another LPL title.

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