FPX sweep Rogue Warriors in third week of 2021 LPL Spring Split

Lwx was crucial in today's wins, securing both MVP votes and a pentakill.

Screengrab via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix beat Rogue Warriors 2-0 during their clash today in the third week of the 2021 LPL Spring Split.

Lwx was the most decisive factor throughout the series, being a reliable carry on Kai’Sa and Aphelios. The ADC secured both MVP votes and a pentakill. His positioning and awareness were superb and far above the opponent’s ADC.

This League of Legends showdown began with RW picking up Akali and Alistar in the draft phase, while FPX got another power pick in Taliyah. RW used Alistar well early on, securing three kills by the 10-minute mark. After FPX stopped the bleeding and played safer, though, they were able to pick up kills in small skirmishes and turn them into neutral objectives.

With a 6,000 gold and three drake lead, FPX turned toward the Baron while RW tried to stop them in their tracks. This proved to be a huge mistake by the RW squad, though, since they were behind on items and were outmaneuvered by the 2019 League world champions. After a clean teamfight by the FPX squad in which they aced the opponents, they picked up the Baron and finished the game in 25 minutes.

In the second game, RW took away the Kai’Sa pick that proved to be too reliable for Lwx. FPX responded by locking in Aphelios. The early game revolved around the mid lane this time with Doinb farming efficiently on Ryze and providing support to his side lanes.

The game became a bloodbath, though, with both teams exchanging kills in all lanes. By the 14-minute mark, there were 21 kills across the board. FPX maintained a lead throughout these skirmishes and increased their gold lead. This lead came into play during a fight near the mid lane, during which Lwx’s superior mechanics helped him secure his first pentakill of the split.

Following the teamfight win, FPX used their gold lead to acquire additional items and secure the Baron. With the buff in play, they pushed RW into their base and finished the game in 22 minutes.

FPX climbed to fifth place in the 2021 LPL Spring Split standings with this win. But they have a difficult matchup on Saturday, Jan. 23 against 2020 Worlds finalists Suning at 5am CT.

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