Frostfire Gauntlet Senna, top lane tank itemization targeted for changes in League Patch 11.11

It's time to power down the Sentinel of Light and power up some bulky tanks.

Image via Riot Games

One of the Sentinels of Light has been in the League spotlight for a bit too long—particularly in the Support role. While in the top lane, tank builds have been struggling past the first item. Riot is stepping in to address these issues from growing further.

Jeevun Sidhu, Lead Game Designer on League’s Summoner’s Rift team, announced in a tweet that his team is looking at nerfing Senna’s Support role dominance in patch 11.11, particularly when paired with Frostfire Gauntlet. They are looking at other options for Senna’s builds to make sure that she has multiple healthy options for Mythic items, such as room for Lethality and AP builds.

Paired with the sustain that comes with the Grasp of the Undying rune, Senna’s new build featuring Frostfire Gauntlet has been rivaling the popular Kraken Slayer build. In this Frostfire Gauntlet build, Senna regains the slow that came when the champion used to prioritize the Glacial Augment rune while being abnormally tanky for a marksman, at the cost of some of the attack power that was offered with Kraken Slayer.

Sidhu also revealed the developers would be looking at diversifying top lane builds in the same patch. At the moment, once most tank top laners complete their Mythic item, they are forced to build Thornmail to give them a better advantage against lane opponents and better prepare for the amount of healing that many champions have access to. Sidhu said the team would mostly be looking at Warden’s Mail, Frozen Heart, and Warmog’s Armor as potential second options, buffing them to make them more appealing for top laners.

These changes are currently in development and may not reach the PBE nor live servers in this capacity in the future.

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Ethan Garcia
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