From Installing LoL To Winning Worlds

A complete guide in just 15 steps! For all of you who want to win Worlds and be the next Faker, Mata, or perhaps Yellowstar or Doublelift.

A complete guide in just 15 steps! For all of you who want to win Worlds and be the next Faker, Mata, or perhaps Yellowstar or Doublelift. First of all we need to define some things: the place where the journey starts is Europe, you need about €200 to €1000, and about 2 years (more or less). But don’t worry, everything you invest will pay off.

Step 1: Get yourself a computer, with minimal configuration ( Also, you need a stable internet connection below 100 ms ping.

-2 GHz processor

-SSE2 processor or higher (SSE1 processors not supported)

-1 GB RAM (Windows Vista and 7 users will want 2 GB of RAM or more)

-8 GB available hard disk space

-Shader version 2.0 capable video card

-Support for DirectX v9.0c or better

-Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3 ONLY), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10

Step 2: Install LoL and register ( Sounds simple, but the process can last more than a few hours and it can be really exhausting. Choose your summoner name carefully, because after winning Worlds everyone will know you by your nickname.

Step 3: Get to know the client, IP, RP points, and play the tutorial as well. Bots will be your first obstacle. You’ll have to reach level 30 before you can play ranked games, competitive games and compete on the ladder with other players. At this stage you can buy runes, you start to develop and upgrade your account and you come to realize that Crittlesticks on bot isn’t doing the job as adc. This step can last up to a few months.

Step 4: Now when you have an account that can be on the ladder, you have to find four more players to win Worlds together. If you haven’t already met the man who mains Tank Twitch or Rabadon Udyr before reaching the level 30, there’s a place for it on reddit. (

Step 5: The following is playing the initial 5 team ranked games. The higher your rank in solo queue is, the greater are the chances that your team will be in a higher tier after playing 5 games. That would usually be silver, gold, or maybe platinum tier if a team is new.

Step 6: After about 60 games (with a score of 50-10) your team reaches the challenger tier, more precisely the top 5 places in challenger. There is a Challenger Series Qualification tournament that enables these teams to get to the league between ranked ladder and the LCS which is called Challenger Series (that is for Europe, other servers and continents have their own system). Since your team is in the top 5 in challenger when the deadline hits, Riot staff contacts the captain of the team and that is how you enter the qualification tournament for challenger series that is played in secret and online. This deadline happens two times per season.

Step 7: Two years of playing LOL have already passed. Your team managed to enter the Challenger Series! AP Lee Sin finally paid off. No longer playing in vain and wasting your time. From now on you start to earn money chasing through the Rift and you can brag to your parents about how you are playing games for money. Teams that qualify for Challenger Series get €6.000, and at the end of the league the first place receives €8.000, the second €5.600, the third €4.000 and the fourth €2.400. After the end of the league teams also receive a premium of €8.000. Of course, your team has won Challenger Series and has automatically qualified for the LCS EU, which has brought you €22.000 only through CS. Unfortunately, you have spent all your money on AlphaDraft.

Now things are getting a little different:

Step 8: The next step is to win the LCS. Fnatic is afraid! Your team that has just entered the LCS won’t settle with anything but the winning title. The salary of each player is now getting more serious. Every player along with his coach receives €10.000 at the end of the split, not including any bonuses, premiums, or prize pools won at the tournament.

Step 9: EU LCS Summer Split Finals 2017: Fnatic loses to your team 3-0 in the finals! Your team has a winning streak of 46 games since Challenger Series and has qualified for Worlds as seed 1 because of the win in the second regular split in the season. Fnatic enters as a second placed with the most circuit points. The third slot through regional qualifier goes to Copenhagen Wolves together with Deficio who is back on the Rift as support.

Step 10: October 2017. Worlds are being held for the first time on the African continent. Riot chooses Cairo, Egypt. Your team has passed the group stage beating EDG (China), Renegades (USA) and Boca Juniors eSports Club (International Wildcard).

Step 11: In the quarterfinal of playoff you meet TSM. Santorin is still in the jungle, your team wins 3:0. The semi-finals are being held at the Cairo International Stadium with 20,000 spectators present. Your team is playing against SKT1, and wins 3:1. The game you have lost could have been remade due to a bug, but who cares. It was a spectator bug, according to Riot.

Step 12: For the finals Riot is organizing a trip to Mars! The live broadcast of the finals to Earth is delaying 30 minutes because Mars is at that moment furthest from the Earth. The whole trip from the Earth costs Riot around 250 billion dollars. The prize pool for season 7 Worlds is still 2 million dollars. Uzi is already on Mars, waiting for the last round, since he isn’t from this planet. In the finals your team is not playing against the Chinese or Koreans but…

Against Phreak! Unbelievable but the man has made it to the finals all alone, without four players! It is obvious that to Phreak “step 4” from this article doesn’t apply. He will cast the finals as well.

Step 13: Buy Trinity Force and beat Phreak. Win the Worlds on Mars!

Step 14: Ocelote is following you on Twitter. Imaqtipe wants to leave streaming and be the third replacement for adc on your team. You have earned seven times more money than the most popular football player in your country. You have 4.000.000 likes on Facebook. Katy Perry desperately wants to make a duet with you. It’s on you to choose between eternal fame and 500 RP.

Step 15: Think about it well… skins on sale are two times cheaper!

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