Former world champion CuVee says that Riot hasn’t paid his share of Samsung skins to this day

Riot needs to step in.

Photo via Riot Games

In a recent livestream, former Samsung World Champion CuVee revealed that he and other Samsung members have yet to receive their share from the Samsung 2017 skin sales.

CuVee said that the players who went to other regions, namely mid laner Lee “Crown” Min-ho and support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in, received their share without issues. But the players remaining in Korea haven’t received a single penny to this day.

Riot began the practice of sharing World Championship skins sales income with teams in 2017. Hanwha Life Esports’ CuVee, Gen.G’s Rule, and retired player Ambition have yet to receive their share after their World Championship win back in 2017 under the Samsung organization.

One possible reason for this delay is that Samsung Galaxy disbanded in 2017, soon after winning the organization’s second League of Legends World Championship. Their LCK spot was soon acquired by a Chinese organization, KSV eSports, which renamed to Gen.G after one split. That organization is present in the LCK to this day.