Former League pro Tolkin wins close 1-vs-3 outplay on Aatrox with sliver of HP

Do not try this in your next League game.

German League of Legends player and YouTuber Niklot “Tolkin” Stüber executed one of the closest one-vs-three outplays possible on Aatrox ever after clawing his way back from near death.

Nine times out of 10, if you are on a top lane island as three enemy opponents come charging at you, the expected outcome is to see a grey screen a few seconds later. That was not in the cards for Tolkin, though.

Initially, Tolkin attempted to run away from the enemy opponents but was subsequently burst down to near death. Things got even worse when Tolkin was unable to land his Darkin Blade onto an enemy opponent, leaving him with just a tiny amount of HP. Just one auto-attack away from death, Tolkin managed to reverse his fortunes and find his first kill onto Gragas.

Now regenerating HP, Tolkin attempted his second Darkin Blade onto the enemy Zed, where he showed off his mechanics by starting up the Darkin Blade animation before flashing onto the Zed for the second kill. He then closed out the miraculous outplay by dealing one final Darkin Blade onto the enemy Jinx as his teammates’ pinged question marks wondering what exactly just happened. 

Tolkin rejoiced at the play he had just made as he continued to farm with his newfound 6/1/1 scoreline.

As a professional League of Legends player, Tolkin found major success as a top German player in the PRM Pro Division, a German league competing in the European Regional Leagues. 

Throughout his time in the ERL’s, Tolkin won three regional splits and made it all the way to the European Masters 2020 Summer Semifinals, where they were ultimately taken down by AGO ROGUE 2-0. As a result of his success in the ERL’s, Tolkin was known as one of the top German top laners before retirement. 

Now, he has transitioned his efforts into content creation where he puts his mechanical talents on display for viewers by making miraculous plays, such as his Aatrox one-vs-three, on his Twitch stream.