Fnatic earn their first Worlds victory against Immortals

Fnatic now place their World Championship hopes on Longzhu Gaming.

Photo via Riot Games

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Fnatic keep their World Championship dreams alive with a comeback victory over Immortals earlier today.

On the edge of a World Championship exit, Fnatic needed to beat Immortals in order to stay in contention for Group B’s second seed. Fresh off a loss against Longzhu Gaming though, Fnatic looked shaky.

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But solid early game coupled with strong lanes gave Fnatic a great start to the match. Immortals, also coming off a loss, found it difficult to stall the game until AD carry Cody Sun‘s Tristana came online.

Eventually though, the Tristana did reach its power spike, and Immortals used the AD carry to take the lead. Immortals started to win extended teamfights, which propelled them to Inhibitors and the Baron.

But as Immortals lived by the AD carry, they also died by the AD carry. Cody Sun, in a massive misplay, shot Fnatic straight into Immortals jungler Jake “Xmithie” Puchero. Cody Sun’s blunder gave Fnatic the ace, and soon after, the game.

Now with a 1-4 record, Fnatic rest their Worlds hopes on Longzhu Gaming. In addition to winning all their future games, Fnatic need the LCK champions to remain undefeated if they want to make it into the bracket stage.